The Way of Love



By Simon Ludwig
Lyndall Demere seems to have an extraordinary link with the holy figure of Mary Magdalene. Reading her book on the mother of the Roman Catholic faith, I could feel the emotionally- charged rapturous connection in waves. It is a very unusual book in that it is so much more than “just” a book. If you want to experience how it feels and what it means to have a strong spiritual connection with a divine figure read this book. The concepts of devotion and adoration are pretty abstract but this book will communicate what it means to experience these states of grace. It is not a dusty, remote read which leaves you bemused, it is immersive and extremely moving. If I were to recommend some accompanying music, it would have to be Hildegard Von Bingen, the 13th century nun who was the first woman on record to write music for devotional purposes. Add a little Gregorian chant and some Monteverdi and you will enjoy the most hypnotic and blissful reading experience imaginable. I couldn’t recommend Lyndall’s book more.

By Val Wineyard

Magdalene Songs and The Way of Love – BOOK

Congratulations to Lyndall Demere!

Lyndall has been several years writing this, discussing the manuscript with other spiritual people who inspired her to publish. And it is now “out there” so all can share Lyndall’s wisdom and her deep vision.

The Way of Love is of course, the way of Mary Magdalene, and throughout the book and the poems is a moving reality of Mary’s great love for Jesus.

As well as the songs, that Mary Magdalene herself could have written, you will find a story that you can read as you would a novel, or that you can take as a metaphor for spiritual truth. Lyndall is a psychotherapist, a spiritual counsellor, and an ordained minister. She has been clairvoyant all her life.


I first met Lyndall in the small town of Rennes-les-Bains in the Corbière mountains of the south of France.  It is one of my favourite places and also, the place where, I believe, Mary Magdalene and Jesus came to stay after the crucifixion.  “The Way of Love” explores the same idea, but in deeply spiritual terms.

In Lyndall’s story, a group of friends came to Rennes-les-Bains on a spiritual journey and what they discovered was breath-taking. The last chapter will hold you enthralled, both by the sheer beauty of the immense discovery, the power of the writing, and the revelation of spiritual truth. The people in the story now knew something that would carry them joyously through their lives – and far beyond.


The village square where the characters discussed their findings and realisations

Here is a quote from the book, of Mary Magdalene’s love for Jesus;
I am forever in his presence.  There is no time separate from Him.  There never has been.
    As a child I felt that I loved him. I did not know of him, but he was always with me. There is the sense of self, who I am, and then that self is filled differently. My heart is what I am not. It is what he is. He has been with me; since the beginning I have known him and he has given me His heart’s strength, grace.
    Everything is with me, vividly, as if all was occurring with this breath. There  is no distance. My experiences have no distance. I am in the presence of everything I have known.
    The cave is silent. The silence is good for me. I am with my spirit and soul, and my love, my friend. No one is pulling me from him. It is the two of us here, although it is only I. I see him. He fills the cave with light and the air of love. This is everything for me, everything that is important to me; my treasure. For once you have been in God’s presence it is you, in your blood and bones. In the air you breath and all that you see. He is here. Here in the cave with me, visiting. There is no difference, the past and now. We know each other.

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Lyndall A. Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D. is a gifted psychic medium. She is a Member Healer and Trainer of the World Federation of Healers, since 1991. Lyndall is a Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary registered Healer. She has been leading Mastery Seminars in Spiritual and Psychic Development on the West Coast and in Washington, D.C. since 1987. Lyndall has appeared on TV News Shows on both coasts of the US.

Lyndall was Ordained as a Minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry in 1993. She became a Doctor of Metaphysical Science in 1995. Lyndall received a Ph.D., Metaphysical Counseling in 1996 from the University of Metaphysics. Lyndall has been devoted to the study of Metaphysics since she was an adolescent. She also has earned advanced degrees from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Lyndall is a gifted Psychic and Spiritual Healer. She has facilitated many diverse groups in Spiritual Development. She is available for consultations in Spiritual Direction by phone, Skype, and in her office in Carmel, California.

Lyndall has published: THE WAY OF LOVE MAGDALENE SONGS OF TRANSFORMATION, a metaphysical novel that includes guided meditations, creative intimacy, spiritual development and the benefits of spiritual practice:
The Way Love Magdalene Transformation

University of Metaphysics
University of Sedona