Spiritual Healing and Psychic Arts

Spiritual Healing Meditations from A Modern Christian Mystic

completed-720Come and experience a weekly reading of Lyndall Demere’s powerful meditations in a group of people who are interested in spiritual exploration. “It is my impression that prayers are cumulative, gathering a palatable field of grace over time. The Presence of God is tangible for me. I can think of being in that Presence and immediately I feel full, my experience of myself is of a greater volume of energy, within me and around me. People tell me that they experience a fullness in the room, and in themselves, as this grace is all around. That is, it is not just an experience inside of me, rather it is one that is inside of me, around me and in others in the room with me. There is a glow in the room of pink and gold light. It is possible for me to see this light as soon as I ask for the Presence of God to be with me… Over time, everyone with me can experience this heightened way of being…There is an intellectual settling within the individual, and a spiritual experience that forever expands that person’s sense that God is truly with them by their own desire…God can step in for anyone, initiating healing of a heart torn apart.” Lyndall A. Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D,, psychologist, medical intuitive, and spiritual healer.

Where: Fellowship Hall, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 1125 Savile Lane, McLean, VA 22101
When: Tuesday evenings 7:15-8:30 pm, no class July 22, 29, month of August. Cost: $15.00 per class,
sessions are drop-in, no commitment or sign-up required. Facilitator: Sue Holyoke Johnston, LCSW is a
clinical social worker who has studied meditation and spiritual healing with Lyndall Demere for 20 years.
She is former Mind-Body Medicine Program Coordinator in Internal Medicine at Walter Reed National
Military Medical Center and was an instructor at Georgetown University School of Medicine.
More info: Contact Sue Johnston, (703) 309-3077 or sue.johnston@comcast.net