servicesReadings include Spiritual Direction, Meditation Practice, Contemplative Prayer, Soul Readings, Psychic Readings, and the development of these skills to what ever capacity is natural to you.

Your time together with Dr. Demere will be spent in attempt to help you grow spiritually and to receive any healing benefit that may come to you. Dr. Demere does not promise any particuclar outcome from your work with her. Rather, she encourages you to develop your own relationship with God, as you personally understand God to be, and to promote your own spiritual gifts and practices. You are encouraged to generate your own answers to your life concerns.

Dr. Demere will share her abilities with you offering psychically generated information about matters that you present to her, and she will share her personal experiences to guide you in your work.

Please note that this work is not Psychotherapy.

Readings can be given either over the phone or in person depending on your location. A reading lasts 50 minutes, but may be extended to complete an experience with a continued rate of $300 per additional 50 minute session. Please indicate the best time and date for your reading in the order instructions section of the shopping cart. It may take up to 3 business days for Dr. Demere to contact you to schedule your reading.

Call (831) 625-5553 for more information.

Reading by Lyndall Demere

Customer Feedback, 2013
“…thank you again! I had a reading with Lyndall Demere today. Excellent – in the aftermath, there is a great zoom in my heart and a much more salient sense of self. Her magic entered in much deeper than conscious intellect and so it was not until after the reading that it began rising to the level of consciousness. Autonomy – yes! I don’t know if it is most true to say that she fertilized the willingness to step more fully into autonomy or that she jump started the center of the heart or that she reached deeply in and re-lit a crucial pilot light. And, by her own admission, she “kicked my butt!” 🙂 Please feel free to pass on this testimony to anyone who may be interested in her services.”