Issel France Seminar

In March, 2009, Dr. Demere participated in a seminar that was held in Issel, France [Toulouse].

This seminar is designed to form sensitive experiences within each participant to expand awareness of the self and environment. Meditation and discussion sessions will enable participants to draw upon Lyndall’s gifts of expanded sensory perception and to develop a deep spiritual experience creating clarity about one’s self and a sense of personal resolution.

Being in Holistic Consciousness requires a sensitivity to perceiving differences in subtle energetic levels, vibrations, at a particular time or over time, and understood in the immediate environment or at any distance. Information from these subtle energetic levels is often more accurate and detailed than a person can remember or report at a particular time. The immediate environment, at any particular time, emanates subtle energies that it absorbs over time; days, months and years. These subtle sources of elegant information, when revealed, open deeper levels of intimacy within the self and between people.

There is a scientific revolution taking place that is integrating centuries old mystical traditions with cutting edge science, leading to a new paradigm, Spirit-Mind-Body. Research supporting the integral nature of each person’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual experience is moving us quickly beyond Mind-Body medicine and health practices, to the inclusion of energetic and spiritual systems and their practices. These systems are are measured by quantum physics. Practices that incorporate Spirit into every day life, improve the quality of personal and career experiences.

This seminar provides the unique opportunity to work with a gifted psychic who has the additional gift of healing. These rare dual gifts provide a learning experience that enables participants to go beyond intellectual insight to the experience of change that healing gifts facilitate. Structured to teach participants how to develop their own intuitive abilities, this seminar will provide an intellectual framework and direct mystical experience with Spirit.