Rabbi Leah Novick

rabbiRabbi Leah Novick has been studying and teaching Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) for over twenty years.She travels extensively, leading workshops and celebrations for people of all faith backgrounds who have a longing to connect with this ancient and profound wisdom tradition.

In her own spiritual practice, Rabbi Leah has been focused on the fusion of mystical insights – drawn from the medieval Zohar – with a contemporary perspective. In that process, she was drawn to deepen the historical understanding of the Divine Feminine, known in Hebrew, as “Shekhinah”.

That work is now available in Leah´s ground-breaking book entitled “On the Wings of Shekhinah” Rediscovering Judaism´s Divine Feminine. * (Quest Books 2008) and a beautiful meditation C-D of the same name, with original music by “Desert Wind” productions.

Rabbi Leah lives on the Central Coast of California where she draws inspiration from the beauty of the environment and the vitality of the Pacific Ocean. Her connection to nature is reflected is the creative life-cycle rituals she designs. (weddings, baby-namings, coming of age rituals, etc) Leah is also available to lead uplifting and joyous services for Shabbat, New Moon and holidays.

If you would like to bring Rabbi Leah to your community please contact her at this web site or call (831) 626-8556.

Jewish Mysticism Workshops and Talks

  • Entering the Tree of Life -Understanding the Sephirot
  • Embracing the Shekhinah – the Cosmic Jewish Mother
  • The Journey of the Soul and Reincarnation
  • The Kabbalah of Food, Love, and Money
  • The Four Worlds – Healing in all Dimensions
  • Soul Journeys of the night – a Jewish approach to Dreams
  • The Mystique of the Sabbath
  • Celebrating the New Moon(*The book is sold in many book stores and is also available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. For the C-D check the Desert Wind web site or C-D Baby )