Lyndall Demere

Introduction To My Experience


There is always a chance. Telling people stories of events in my life seem interesting to them, and yet I question their worth. From as early as I can remember, I have had an ability to know what others were thinking, see a projection of light to great distances, and to read energy, the complete information of a person, as others might read a news paper right in front of them.

These experiences were buried with in me at times because I was unable to understand what I knew. As I look back to my childhood, I can understand now that I could easily blend with demanding situations, knowing the facts that mattered within me, when adults could only express confusion and resist involvement. I see now that I had an uncanny ability to “be in the moment,” that was all there was for me. How much is missed by people who share a given moment with projections of themselves to other places in time, either past or future.

I can now also understand that I could extend myself into the spirit of something, completely engulfed in the experience. A childhood friend and I would “pretend” to be horses running through the woods at lunch time recess. Other children played a similar game. It was fun to pretend to be a beautiful, powerful animal free to run far and fast. You can observe that I am drifting into a deeper experience of the horse, running far and fast, and this would continue until Sheila Reynolds and I were running, neighing, joining in being horse, totally lost in it. And, unable to observe ourselves as children playing. Of course, this was observed by the nuns at our school, and they spoke to our parents with great concern. That is, concern for our psychological health.

The years travelled on, my sensitivities became more dominate, and my experiences were obvious to others, more than to myself. It was hard for me to know that I knew something and at the same time have this same thing presented to me “as if” it were different from my perception. I would hold what I knew inside of me and accept what I was being told. It kept the peace, but was a deterrent to my developing self understanding. Great dissonance developed with in me, untying my sense of self from what the “real” world presented.

It has taken many, many years and feed back from many treasured professors, friends, colleagues, clients, and life experiences for me to know my process as a gift of psychic mediumship. I wish to share this journey with you, understanding that this gift has many facets and uses. Also, I am realizing there are others who will benefit from this text. The western world is exploring metaphysics through Quantum Physics, in an attempt to unravel the human ability to know non-locally, at a distance, details pertinent to a particular situation or person, or the ability to send energy to a person at a distance, accurately, causing a significant change with in that person. Scientists are attempting to define the mystery concerning the gift of being eternally present, with full knowledge, locally or non-locally, and to make significant change at a distance through energetics, effortlessly. It is a challenge to define experiences established by the use of such a gift.

My Work

In the present time, my skills have been refined by consistent practice over the last 28 years. I spend about 55 hours a week in consulting sessions, group meetings, and individual meditations. It is my impression that prayers are cumulative, gathering a palatable field of grace over time. The Presence of God is tangible for me. I can think of being in that Presence and immediately I feel full, my experience of my self is of a greater volume of energy, with in me and around me. People tell me that they experience a fullness in the room, and in themselves, as this grace is all around. That is, it is not just an experience inside of me, rather it is one that is inside me, around me and in others in the room with me.

There is a glow in the room of gold and pink light. It is possible for me to see this light as soon as I ask for the Presence of God to be with me. This Presence continues to expand, over time, every one with me can experience this heightened way of being and people often see the light around me and in the room. I am able to follow another person´s story, as if it was happening in the present. I am in the story, very much like joining the spirit of the horse in my childhood play. The story is energetically present for me. I see details beyond the recollection of the speaker, and I am able to fill in gaps and bring a clear view to the speaker. This expanded version of the story brings a depth of understanding to the person I am working with. The individual settles an internal conflict with greater information, and reports having resolution within their whole self.

Ilyndall-orb-300t appears to me that the heightened energy field expands the willingness of the speaker to explore information not consciously available to them. Personal information can be held unconsciously because of family and personal history. Information concerning others, who were a part of an event, but not previously known to the speaker at the time of the event, is also revealed. In this special state of being, awareness is expanded without resistance, and with a positive sense of adventure for the pursuit of knowledge in it´s fullness.

The speaker feels within themselves the trueness of new information. This allows a change; as the speaker has a greater experience and this full experience integrates with the past lesser experience, forever changing the substance of that memory and the energy it projects. It is larger and can never be smaller again.

When I sit with someone regularly over time, there are real changes in appearance of that person. Resolution engenders a peace within the self, and the conflicts that were observable in a person´s appearance seem to fall away. There is a quality of personal strength that is present over time. I think it is a strength that awakens in the individual to protect this new way of being by discriminating between those experiences that enhance peace and those that lead to internal conflict. In peace it is possible to tangibly, feel the presence of God. In conflict this ability is lost.

My experience is one of effortless knowing. I am aware of putting everything that is normal to my consciousness aside. The energy flows within me and into the room. I can feel an expansion inside of me. Often there is a sound in my ears. This is a gentle sound, as if I could hear the presence of grace. These are my signs that God is with me. Often someone that I am working with will see a holy person, imposed on my face. The images have been of Jesus, gurus from India, and a Native American Medicine Man or Woman, and others.

All knowledge important at any particular time is available to me; impressed on to my intellectual experience and senses. I perceive the past and the present in the current moment with equal clarity. Sometimes I receive an impression of the future, however that impression is based on the circumstances of the current moment and could change with conscious personal change. I am not in a trance, as Edgar Cayce, the psychic from Virginia Beach, would be in to extend his awareness past himself to enable him to describe situations and prescribe remedies. I am able to be present; talk normally, work, and write.

lyndall-outside-300I can see a person at a distance, clearly. They appear as they normally are. I see what they are wearing, their attitudes, the people around them, what they have eaten, and often sense how they smell. Harry Edwards, a spiritual healer and psychic from Shere, Surrey,UK, said that it was often easier for him to see and read a person long distantly, non-locally. I find this to be true. Often people are very invested in appearing a certain way, and it is easier to read those people at a distance from their immediate energy field. I also find this to be true for the families of missing persons. The frenetic energy of persons in extreme stress often distort the field around themselves, influencing all that happens around them, perpetuating the problem. Others are influenced by this tension and it clouds perception.

When I am sitting with someone and that person is talking to me, I will see influences around them. Some times these influences present as a person showing me an aspect of a situation, colors around the person, or pictures of events like still photos or a video. At times a relative or loving friend who has passed away appears near my client. They share stories or offer quiet support. They often describe the facts of a current dilemma, and offer recommendations. I am able to weave this information into the conversation with my client. The result is always the same. There is an intellectual settling with in the individual, and a spiritual experience that forever expands that person´s sense that God is truly with them by their own desire. The result is resolution with in the self, some times of truly difficult personal circumstances.

Problems between people usually require both to be present and intellectually intimate to resolve an issue, and come to a new understanding. The “other” in my work experience does not need to be other persons involved in an event, the other person in my work is God, establishing an energy field of tangible love. God can step in for anyone, initiating healing of a heart torn apart. There are people in the world who hold on to another person by refusing to give time and intimacy to resolve an issue, freeing both persons to be fully present in their own lives. That is an unfair capturing of another person. I have seen this resolved by spiritual experiences that restore purity to the heart.

I have been approached to assist in finding missing persons. I am unable at times to distinguish wether a person is alive or not, because conversations with the living and dead are fluent. I have to look psychically to see the circumstances of body placement and immediate areas to distinguish status. This is difficult work because I enter traumatic energies and experiences. It is in perceiving these circumstances and energies that I can be of help. Viewing scenes requires that I enter the experience of another which includes their energetic circumstances.

I have worked with families where a child has committed suicide. I sit with the family and a picture of the deceased child in my hands. I am able to get impressions of family dynamics that are stunningly accurate. I interpret this to be true because the child needs to be present in the grieving family to explain his or her self, and to demonstrate that their consciousness is still present. I say what is impressed on me to say. Never having met the families before, it is obvious that there child is actually speaking because there is no way I would have such intimate information on my own, which sometimes includes descriptions of things in their home, vacations, parties, and personal quirks. Often things are revealed that were deep held secrets by some family members, not all. I never speak to a referring source about anyone that I am seeing. I insist on this to emphasize the truth expressed in the actual session. It is the purity of this body of information that is healing to the family. This work is stunning.

I take good care of myself by having quiet time. I live in the mountains an hour away from Carmel. Being in nature is restoring. I lead a weekly meditation group, since 1993, on Tuesday evenings, for a select group of my close friends. That is the source of many of the published meditations. I stay connected to my friends, spending time over the phone or for long day visits. I am close to my adult children and enjoy my time with them. My daughter, Lauren, completed a five year pre-med undergraduate degree, at U.C. Santa Cruz, in cellular, molecular, developmental biology and then completed a four year program in acupuncture at Five Branches. Lauren has an office within my suite of offices, and also in Santa Cruz. What a joy that is. I meditate and have time in deep contemplative prayer most days. I read all kinds of books, and study current research on how psychic mediums are able to function in this extraordinary way.