Healer’s International

harry-edwards-chari-2-300We are an international membership-based complementary healthcare organisation that comprises mainly spiritual healers, but embraces all holistic approaches to healing. We provide a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of holistic healthcare on a worldwide basis.

Our registered healers and therapists are appropriately certified and work within a code of practice and legal framework. Registration provides safety and protection for the public. It also instils confidence that chosen therapists are authentic, properly trained and governed by a reputable organisation.

Our base
Headquarters are located in the beautiful medieval Cathedral City of Salisbury, England. Stonehenge, the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, is nearby. The surrounding area is renowned for its abundance of crop circles and members have enjoyed our seminars exploring and learning about these mystical sightings.

The core management team have diverse business experience and are dedicated healers. They spent several years administering the World Federation of Healing, a global healing charity, which represented approximately 15 countries.

Our philosophy
We promote the benefits of holistic healthcare which treats the person as a whole. Conventional medical treatment can be invasive and unavoidable, but we recognise that by integrating complementary and orthodox approaches, clients can receive maximum therapeutic benefit.

harry-edwards-chari-3-300Maintaining a worldwide healer referral system, and distant healing service, is an important part of our aims and objectives.

We encourage integration between members for universal harmony and development of an individual’s core spiritual nature.

We promote lifelong learning and continuing professional development. To broaden members’ education, we organise seminars on topics drawn from healing, complementary medicine, or any other related subject of interest. Invited keynote speakers have been diverse and interesting, but we particularly encourage members to give talks as there is a wealth of knowledge within the group.

The seminars not only provide an educational opportunity, but a chance to network and enjoy friendship of like-minded people from the U.K. and overseas. Healing and therapy treatments are usually given freely by the delegates in an ethos of caring and sharing.

Our last seminar in October 2012 was held at the world-renowned Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Shere, England. The keynote speaker (and H.I. member), Dr Lyndall Demere, from Carmel, California, was fascinating and gave excellent meditations which captivated the delegates.

We provide an accredited two-year training programme in spiritual healing facilitated by appointed trainers. High standards are set by our self-regulatory governing body, UK Healers, and as an affiliated member organisation, we abide by its code of ethics. We all share a concern to protect the public and ensure safe, appropriate and effective practise of spiritual healing.

Becoming a member
Membership is available to persons aged 18 and over and the current fee is $60.00. Spiritual healers can join from other organisations, but certain criteria must be fulfilled. Please contact us for further details. Certificates from complementary therapists, Reiki practitioners and Ministers of healing are required.

Members must be covered by therapy insurance, which is obtained through Healers International for U.K. residents, limited European countries, but no indemnity is available for U.S. or Canada.

We also welcome friend members as a supporting role to further the work of Healers International in our efforts to unite all forms of healing.

Contact details
Mrs Alexa Dymond
Healers International
72 St Ann Street

Tel: +44 1722 416010
Email: alexa.dymond@btinternet.com
Website: www.ukhealers.info

Healer’s International News Sheets 2013

International Events with Lyndall Demere
Darren Symmons, our Events Organiser (South), successfully organised his first seminar at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary near Guildford. We thank him for all his hard work and support.

The day started in the beautiful gardens of Burrows Lea with a tribute to Dennis Fare. Doreen donated a bench seat in his memory as Dennis was a longstanding friend of Harry Edwards and Trustee of the Sanctuary for approximately 40 years. After the ribbon was cut by Doreen, Alexa Dymond presented a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all H.I. members.

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Building Strength in Challenging Times
The world is in a challenging time. In the years of 2010 and 2011 there have been catastrophic physical disasters: tsunamis, earth quakes, tornados, hurricanes, fire storms, and the effects of global warming. War and political conflict have dominated many countries, and influenced the financial health of whole nations. Citizens of the world are facing challenges such as; the death of loved ones and whole communities; national and personal financial insecurity. Responsible action has limited effect in these challenging times of catastrophic loss. It is more difficult to establish and maintain lives filled with well being and personal peace. It seems that God given gifts have been forfeited, breaking
hearts and the spirit of many.

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