Darren Symmons

darrenMy healing journey started in the spring of 1995 with my first trip to the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere, Surrey. The experience of being there in that wonderful peaceful place was overwhelming, and I admit that I shed a few tears that day. It truly felt like I had come home! And I knew in that moment that I had always been, and will always be, a healer.  I have supported the sanctuary ever since.

My first hands on healing experience may surprise you as it certainly surprised me! At the time I was working as a landscape gardener and the gentleman, Ron, who’s garden I was working on seemed to have a problem with his shoulder. As he was a friend of my twin sister’s, I felt I could mention the fact that I was in to healing. I asked if he would mind if I tried out my healing ability on him.

Spiritual Healing

To understand Spiritual Healing we must first realize that besides having a physical body we also have a spiritual one, which is linked to the energy force of all life.

Spiritual Healing is non-invasive and is perfectly safe and supportive treatment for all conditions of ill health also providing relief from pain and suffering what be it of the mind, body or soul and can help reduce stress and anxiety also giving a feeling of inner peace.

Spiritual Healing is officially listed as a therapy recognized by the NHS, {National Health Service}. Accredited Healers were given permission to give Healing in NHS hospitals in 1977 also Doctors are permitted by the GMC, {General  Medical Council } to refer patients for Spiritual Healing.

  • Healing is available to all people whatever faith, colour, class or creed.
  • The healing comes from a universal source and from within oneself.
  • The power to heal is in each and every one of us.

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