About I AM

wysteriadoor-webThe International Assocation of Metaphysicans (IAM) was founded by Lyndall A. Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D. Lyndall is a Gifted Psychic and Meditation Leader. She is a Member Healer and Trainer of the World Federation of Healers, since 1992. She has been leading Mastery Meditation Seminars on the West Coast and in Washington, D.C. since 1987. Lyndall has appeared on TV News Shows on both coasts of the United States. She is an Ordained Minister, 1991. Lyndall facilitates Past Life Regressions, Soul Reading, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, [Many Lives, Many Masters].

Lyndall is a Consultant and Meditation Leader in Carmel, California. Read more about Dr. Demere here

International Association of Metaphysicians

iam-about-flowerWe are a group of individuals devoted to the practice of Truth, Spiritual Principles, and Selfless Service to others. Each person honors generosity, and kindness to others. Most of us meditate weekly together. This meditation group officially began in 1993. Our purpose was to find a source of knowledge concerning Spiritual Healing and it´s practice, that went deeper and truer than books could offer. We, immediately, became a development circle, all participants rapidly growing in spiritual strength and abilities. The presence of God´s Spirit was tangible to all present, and has remained so, into 2010. We are personally committed to a variety of theologies, always seeking mystical understanding and experience, and offering this to others.

The meditations offered at International Association of Metaphysicians have been accumulated since 1993. They have been presented by Lyndall Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D. since 1987 in professional training seminars internationally, and with Mastery Seminars@ since 1988. These meditations have been read to development groups by psychotherapists in Washington, D.C. area since 1990, and in London by a Metaphysician, since 1994, and now, in Issel, France, since 2009.

All participants benefit, some with remarkable changes. These changes happen metaphysically; that is, the energy of God changes the vibrations within an individual, the self definition vibration is changed, changing simultaneously, consciousness. Consciousness is defined by energy, a particular vibration. It is possible to change that vibration through Spiritual Healing Meditations. These meditations have a progressive benefit when used over years. Attunement to spirit is clear and rapid. Psychic and Spiritual gifts are enhanced.