In Loving Memory Of Dr. Paul Leon Masters

I am filled with gratitude and love for Paul Leon Masters. My God in all ways hold him in his divine embrace.

Dr. Paul Leon Masters
January 1, 1935 – January 10, 2016

Founder and CEO of the International Metaphysical Ministry,
President of the University of Metaphysics
and University of Sedona


Dr. Masters peacefully made his transition into the light on Sunday, January 10, 2016. His last few days were filled with thoughts and words of love for his students and staff, and he passed gently in his sleep.

It was divine recognition that the particular Mystical Insight that had been set last week to appear in Sunday’s email spoke of beingness and transition:

Yet, if the mystical truth be told, everyone already exists in an after-death or astral plane. We exist there all our physical lives, from the time we take our first physical breath– and yes, even before that.  This other existence is another dimensional energy body that is a part of one of several dimensions that make up one’s beingness. To add to this mystery of one’s beingness, conscious life activity exists at every level of one’s beingness. Passing on, or the ending of one’s physical life, is a shifting from physical awareness to astral awareness, and that already exists and has been living an existence in the afterlife or astral world…. Yes, you are many lives being lived simultaneously. The enormity of this reality of your beingness cannot be overstated.

As Dr. Masters always wanted, we, the staff of the International Metaphysical Ministry, will continue his legacy of Love into the future. His teachings and ministry will continue through the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona, his websites, and upcoming publications. The International Convention and Graduation Ceremony taking place this May will offer formal tribute to Dr. Masters’ lifetime achievements.

It was his heartfelt wish and intention that his students and graduates continue their ministries through their loving actions and service.

And So It Is!

Written by JKNetDesign