The World Celebration of His Holiness the Dali Lama’s 80th Birthday

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe,
act and mostly live.”  Dali Lama

Global Compassion Summit

5, 6, and 7 July, 2015

imagesOn the 5th of July, the discussion was on Awakening of Compassion through the transformative power of creativity and art. Creativity and art are universal in their ability to reach into the hearts of all people. Artists empowered by the expression of their gifts can be a tremendous source of awakening compassion and kind action in a global population.

On 6th July there were two discussions, the first about the effects of Climate Change and how to engender a Compassionate Planet were all persons, globally, consciously care for the Earth and it’s resources. Scientists from University of California Irvine predicted a significant change being measured currently with weather patterns warmer in Europe and the United States, glaciers melting soon to cause a rise in water tables effecting land at sea level. This in turn will forward a need to relocate large populations globally. The emphasized word was action, we as a world population must begin immediately to address conservation of resources, personally and to inspire our communities to do the same.

The afternoon discussion was on Wisdom, Vision, and Experience, and at the heart of this discussion was the power of long distance healing and it’s ability to create lasting change in a person’s health, and the health of the Earth and global populations. The Dali Lama said that each of us must have a real experience of divine grace influencing the whole self to quiet, to listen for guidance from this source of spiritual experience. This experience of the divine internally over time leads to an awareness of wisdom, perfected true divine guidance.
Wisdom requires space and time within us, a commitment to work at developing personal strength by the experience of divine spirit held within.


On 7th July the Significance of Education was emphasized in the development of youth leadership and in advancing universal human values. The promotion of universal human values of civil rights, relating with compassion, the end of human trafficking, refraining from conflict to resolve differences, and to create a more kind planet, global culture. The Dali Lama said we have a moral responsibility to think of the well-being of humanity, to practice and teach unbiased compassion, acting in loving kindness. As a human being, a social animal, every individual has a moral responsibility to think of the well-being of humanity and the welfare of the Earth.

The Tibetan word for the Dali Lama is Kundun, meaning “Presence”.

Eight Core Ideas of Loving Compassion, power to make a difference in the world.

  1. Live life with a free mind and an open heart, work on your own inner dynamic of peace and compassion, loving kindness overcoming more destructive emotions such as fear and anger. Promote clarity within yourself from which to help others.
  2. Practice universal compassion, compassion leveling the playing field, which is the initial step in coming together to address problems at a global level.
  3. Design the way to educate, develop minds and simultaneously good people. Social and emotional learning need to be valued equally to scholastic aptitude. Children need compassion and mindfulness in their lives to develop self-esteem.
  4. Stand up against injustice! The 3 pillars of an “equitable society” are fairness, transparency, and accountability. Injustice requires action which is the strength of compassion.
  5. Make Humanity the imperative concern and bottom line of business. Consider the well-being of every citizen of the world. Promote global altruism.
  6. Always lend a helping hand. The way to express your intelligence, compassion and talent is to give help to others, personally, making a positive impact, assisting in ending someone’s struggles.
  7. Play your part in healing the Earth. The well-being of mankind is directly reliant on the well-being of the Earth. We must each take real action, be mindful of personal processes and purchases.
  8. Use your personal power as a force for good. Find peace inside yourself before engaging in collaborative dialogue and conflict resolution. Approach conversation and challenges with compassionate awareness of all being a part of a single humanity. Daniel Goldman, author of Emotional Intelligence and A Force For Good, states that we should learn to connect on a personal level to eliminate prejudices. True compassion knows no boundaries, the Dali Lama believes it is the one trait and quality within every human being that can change the world if acted upon.

Healthy Living, July 12, 2015  Alena Hall and Daniel Goldman.

The Dali Lama hold more than 150 notable awards from around the world. In 1989 His Holiness received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work helping to liberate Tibet.

Abby Reyes, ESQ. suggests compassion in action for climate resilience requires, “transforming our existing systems and cultures of the industrial-growth society, and creating new systems and cultures for a life sustaining society. It means mitigation, adaptation, and deep democracy.”

Lyndall Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D.

Written by JKNetDesign